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Realweaver integrates the information you receive daily, processing it into easily accessible reports and making your properties with their images available online to the public instantly.

All of your properties with their images will be available online to your customers as soon as they are entered.

Key information about vendors, customers and lawyers will all be made available to your administration staff on-screen and by way of printable reports.

Entering the data is easy. All information is entered from your internet browser. If you have used an internet form, then you can use realweaver.

To the realweaver demo site


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the realweaver demo site

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To the realweaver demo site


  • Make all of your properties and their images available online.
  • Administration area with 3 secure password protected levels of access, allows information to be seen on a need to know basis.
  • Print brochures of individual properties for catalogues.
  • Print window display cards of properties.
  • Make your entire property list available in both PDF (printer friendly) and HTML (on screen) formats.
  • Have customers, vendors and lawyers’ information available to administration and sales staff.
  • In-house property finder. Match properties and customers requirements instantly.
  • Make dynamic reports. Use the property finder to generate various reports of properties.
  • Online property finder. Empower your customers to search easily for the property of their dreams.
  • Image uploader. Select up to 9 images for each property and let realweaver’s image processor takes care resizing, uploading and making thumbnails.
  • Email a property to you customer in HTML format.
  • Show prices in up to two currencies (currencies are update daily and automatically).
  • And much more...

The realweaver demonstration site is now up and running. Click here for more infomation and to try realweaver for yourself.

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